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Exploitation Valentini - Beekeeper

For many years Alain Valentini has been working with honey on his artisanal bee farm in Angioscala, this passion is a family story. Alain has acquired mastery and passion of the profession from his father, which he has passed on through extraordinary honeys.

It is the quality of his honeys and the preservation of this know-how that allowed him to obtain the PDO - Honey of Corsica, these products are diverse and varied and of quality.

Anxious to share its vocation in the respect of the traditions and the environment, the Valentini family makes you discover a range of honeys with wild flavours, typical to Corsica.

Today, the beekeeper never stops traveling in search of new customers and originality. This entrepreneur with overflowing ideas will make you discover unique Corsican products. #beekeeping #artisanalexploitation #knowhow #quality

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